Glass Bottom Boat + Turtle Island

80$ 15$

  • To visit the turtle island tour we prepare a glass bottom boat that can be boarded a maximum of 10 people.
  • For reservations, either couples or groups are not mixed with other passengers.
  • Price for 1 person.
  • Including insurance and taxes


Bali Glass Bottom Boat + Turtle Island

Bali Glass Bottom Boat is a boat with glass parts, or other suitable transparent material, below the waterline that allows passengers to observe the underwater environment from inside the vessel. 

Looking through the bottom glass is better than just looking into the water from above because we do not have to look through the erratic optical surface disorder. The effect is the same as that achieved by a diving mask, while the passenger can stay dry, out of the water.

Turtle Island is a family tourism located on the west coast of Tanjung Benoa, there are various species of turtle species and various animals and rare birds. Turtles, animals, and birds are so tame that you can take photos with them.


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